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Keiki Kastles proudly offers discounts to schools, churches, groups, and organizations. Also, as an added "peace of mind" bonus, Keiki Kastles has the ability to add your school, business, or organization as Additionally Insured on their insurance policy for the day or days of your event!



#1- Any Regular Bouncer + 1 Machine- $270.
#2- Any 3-in-1 Combo + 1 Machine- $315.
#3- Wet/Dry 5-in-1 Combo + 1 Machine- $370.
#4- Obstacle Course + 1 Machine- $415.
#5- Big Wave Slide + 1 Machine- $415.
#6- Double Splash Slide + 1 Machine- $470.


#1- Any Regular Bouncer + Any Regular Bouncer- $330.
#2- Any 3-in-1Combo + Any Regular Bouncer- $370.
#3- Wet/Dry 5-in-1 Combo + Any Regular Bouncer- $425.
#4- Big Wave Slide + Any RegularBouncer- $465.
#5- Double Splash Slide + Any RegularBouncer- $515.


Add a second or third machine to your rental for just $75 more per machine. Additional machines will still come with the supplies
for 50 servings!

Customer Return Discount

We know that you have choices,
and we are proud to be one of them!
If you are a return customer, we will try our best
to match your original booking price!

Secret Sunday Savings!

Receive an additional $10 off your rental price for any Sunday event when you mention our Secret Sunday Savings!

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